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Jacqueline M. Eaton


Jacqueline M. Eaton, experienced family law, divorce and probate attorney serving the

people of Vernon, Manchester, Hartford and surrounding areas. With over 22 years

experience, Attorney Eaton provides quality, compassionate legal services to people

throughout Central and Eastern Connecticut.

Attorney Eaton understands that protecting her client’s interests is her primary mission

and that it is often the small details that can be of utmost importance to protect the client

later. Whether it involves divorce, family law, probate or some other legal matter,

Attorney Eaton’s attention to detail helps protect her clients’ interests. 

If you need legal assistance in areas such as divorce, family law, probate or any other legal
matter in Vernon, Manchester, Hartford or the surrounding areas contact Attorney Jacqueline M. Eaton for a consultation.  

​Initial consultations are available for a reduced rate, collected at the time of consultation.
Cash, checks and credit cards accepted

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