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​What is mediation, and who is it best suited for?  Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties work with a neutral professional to reach their own solutions at their own pace.  Both parties agree to be open and transparent with each other and to treat each other with respect throughout the process.  Mediation can cover all aspects of the divorce such as division of assets and debts, parenting responsibilities, visitation, child support and alimony, as well as any other matters the parties deem important in order to achieve their fair and equitable resolution.  Mediation can be cost effective in the short-term financially and better for maintaining healthy long-term relationships, especially where the parties have children. Mediation is best suited for situations where both parties are interested in equitable, cost-effective solutions rather than lengthy litigation and are committed to work together toward those goals.

The best way to avoid various difficulties during divorce, and high stress family moments, is to pursue a non-adversarial approach with a trained professional.  Attorney Eaton is a certified mediator through the Center for Dispute Resolution at the Quinnipiac University School of Law, as well as through the Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce for divorce mediation.  As a certified mediator, Attorney Eaton serves as a neutral professional whose role is to help provide a safe space for both parties and facilitate the parties reaching their own solutions at a pace with which they are comfortable.  The number of sessions varies as each couple faces unique challenges. 

Assuming the parties are successful in reaching terms, Attorney Eaton further assists the parties in drafting the agreement as a legal document, and guides the parties through the divorce process.  As a neutral professional, Attorney Eaton does not advocate for either party’s specific interests.  The parties are encouraged to retain their own independent review counsel to obtain legal advice pertinent to their interests throughout the process and prior to signing any marital dissolution agreement or separation agreement.  If the parties are successful in resolving all of their issues, Attorney Eaton will assist in preparing the necessary documents for the parties to obtain their divorce.

All mediation sessions are confidential.  If the mediation reaches an impasse, unable to reach an agreement, Attorney Eaton cannot reveal anything that transpired as part of the mediation, nor will she be able to represent either party as a lawyer.  Contact Attorney Eaton for assistance with your mediation today.​ ​​

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